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Desertas Islands (Ilhas Desertas)
Desertas Islands (Ilhas Desertas)

Desertas Islands (Ilhas Desertas)

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The three Ilhas Desertas, or "Deserted Islands," stretch slender and mysterious off the Madieras' southern shore toward the Canarias. The hazy silhouettes of Deserta Grande, Bugio and Ilhéu Chão, just visible from the Funchal Marina, only hint at their rocky majesty, rising to sudden heights from the foaming waves.

They famously beckon birders with their protected and isolated populations of Cory's and manx shearwaters, Madeiran storm, Bulwar's, and Fea's petrels, canaries, linnets, and several types of terns. But you'll also find a breeding population of monk seals, as well as whales, dolphins, and other sea life offshore.

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Desertas Island, Madeira

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