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Hammam Experiences in Cordoba

Hammam Experiences in Cordoba

Hammams have long been an integral part of Arab culture, and those in Córdoba are part of the legacy of the city’s Moorish rule, which lasted from the eighth to the 13th century. From a soothing soak in a hot pool to a rejuvenating aromatic massage, here’s what you can expect from a hammam experience in Córdoba.


What is a Hammam?

A hammam is a type of public bathhouse, common to Islamic countries, where people come to clean themselves, relax, and socialize. Though genders are often separated in hammams in largely Muslim countries, many hammams in Córdoba are mixed. The layout of individual hammams can vary, though most include various bathing areas with different temperature pools, as well as a steam room and a relaxation section. Many hammams offer massages as well as cleansing and exfoliating body scrubs.



  • Relax and enjoy a traditional hammam experience at a lavish Arab bathhouse.

  • Stimulate circulation as you make your way through hot and cold pools.

  • Admire the columns, arches, vaulting, carvings, and Moorish-style architectural features.

  • Unwind with a massage, or upgrade to include an invigorating body scrub.

  • Enjoy the tranquil ambiance, which is often enhanced by candles and essential oils.

  • Sip complimentary mint tea in the relaxation room.